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Radio Frequency + Shiatsu Massage

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 110 euro

Service Description

Through the action of high-frequency waves, known as radio waves, that reach deeply into the body's muscles and fat layers, internal water, cells, and molecules are caused to vibrate, raising their joule heat (frictional heat). By raising the entire body's temperature from the inside, the metabolism is activated. This method is able to treat areas deep inside the body that hands cannot reach, effectively treating and improving muscular conditions such as stubborn tension, stiffness, and pain. By combining this deep-reaching heating effect with manual treatment, you can experience never before felt comfort and relaxation in your body. The high-frequency waves bring the heat all the way to the dermis, gently warming your body from the inside out, and stimulating the breakdown of cellulite by raising your metabolism. The body's temperature is thoroughly raised, promising not only a slimming effect but also improvements in chills and swelling.

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