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Protective SPF-30 cream with UV A and B filter.
The light texture is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves no white haze.
This cream is suitable to apply over any day cream.
If you prefer to use the cream as a replacement for a day cream during the summer months, this is also possible.
The cream is strongly anti-oxidative and can easily be used as a replacement for a day cream.
We have opted for sunscreens that are liposome-encapsulated. The advantage is that they are milder for the skin and that a much lower percentage of synthetic sunscreens have to be used to achieve the same SPF sun factor.

The lipid content provides optimal protection against dehydration and gives the cream good water resistance. By adding argan, olive and jojoba oil, the skin feels supple and comfortable. The cream improves the skin's natural barrier function and reduces dehydration to a minimum. Contains hyaluronic acid to balance moisture levels and prevent skin dryness. The skin feels supple and comfortable, but not greasy. Contains zinc oxide as mineral sun protection.

Contains vitamins C and E, these are antioxidants that prevent cell damage and skin aging due to UV radiation.

The package has a capacity of 50 ml.

Anti Aging Protect Cream Spf-30

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